free threat intelligence

Free malware feeds

Free malware feeds

We release daily free malware samples and threat intelligence for cybersecurity researchers. These feeds are extracted from our computer malware datasets, which contains approximately 100 records (samples) per day. Additionally, we provide daily feeds generated by our AI-powered AMAS, which have been confirmed as non-false positives and also extract around 100 records (samples) per day. Both resources are available for download to all free accounts. We welcome cybersecurity researchers to sign up for our community and gain access to these valuable resources for updating your virus signatures.


Free downloads require a significant amount of bandwidth, and to ensure better and more stable service, we have implemented the following limits for free accounts:

  1. Up to 2 Mbps bandwidth.
  2. Up to 100 records/day.
malware samples

Malware List

Up to 100 records/day, sourced from our computer malware datasets.

android malware samples

Android List

Android malware list is not free. If you are interested, please subscribe it or:

AMAS list


Up to 100 records/day, analyzed and confirmed by Automated Malware Analysis.

AMAS reports

AMAS Reports

Up to 100 records/day, the behaviour evidence for each malware in AMAS list.

Data plans

Upgrade your plan today for enhanced comprehensive malware samples database. Our customizable services are designed to meet your specific needs, enabling you to stay ahead and conquer the ever-evolving threat landscape. Stay proactive and emerge victorious against all challenges.




3,000 records/day (Avg.)

Up to 200Mbps/s

Windows | Linux | Unix


threat intelligence - computer platforms




200,000 records/day (Avg.)


Windows | Linux | Unix


threat intelligence - computer platforms






Windows | Linux | Unix

Android | iOS | macOS | Java

threat intelligence - computer platforms
threat intelligence - mobile device platform
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