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Giant database dedicated to combating malware in the digital world. Rapidly collect, analyze emerging malware, and generate feeds using AI.

What we do

Threat Intelligence


Biggest repository

Over 300TB and approx 600 million nonredundant samples, it is the most valuable resource to empower your AV, EDR, SIEM, DLP, CTI, Firewall, and more.

malware scan

Online search

We offer free online malware scanning and search. You can quickly confirm if the files or hashes have been identified as malware in our database.

malware analysis

Malware analysis

Speed up your response with our Automated Malware Analysis (AMAS), which rapidly identifies new malware no need third-party scanners.



Independently developed AI system, rapidly collects, conducts behavior analysis, identifies new malware, generates intelligence.

crowdsourced malware database


Collaborating with global-leading cybersecurity companies and orgs, sourcing worldwide data, to tackle evolving threats.

global trust

Global trust

Since 2011, we have earned the trust of over 6,000 global clients, including leading giant companies, universities, and researchers.

Threat trend

We rely on a crowdsourced approach to gather emerging malware in real-time from cybersecurity partners, researchers, exchanges, submissions, communities, and endpoint components worldwide. Our database is continuously refreshed and growing, providing you with a vast array of threat knowledge.


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Total collected

1000 +

Worldwide clients

What our clients say

“VirusSign diligently helps us maintain up-to-date virus definitions 24/7, effectively preventing a multitude of fatal attacks on endpoints.”

photo of Cathryn Sullivan

Cathryn Sullivan

Chief Security Officer

“Thanks to your malware feeds, we successfully launched our blockchain security project and gained recognition from investors.”

photo of Michael Prescott

Michael Prescott


“Utilize your latest threat intelligence and studying metadata, we become the champion in the 2022 Capture the Flag (CTF) competition.”

photo of Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

Cybersecurity Analyst

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Who we are

Your trusted partner

We offer comprehensive extensive malware database and threat intelligence, empowering you to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.



Trusted by leading cybersecurity companies, organizations, universities, labs, individual researchers, and scientists worldwide.



We offer flexible and customized malware database aligned with your goals, whether you’re an independent researcher, a start-up, or an industry leader.

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